mercredi 19 juin 2013

Strawberry ice cream nails

Hi everyone ^__^

It's almost summer right ?
The perfect season for ice cream lovers ~
Today, i tried to make a "Strawberry ice cream nails"
Yes i know, it's very long for a name ^^"

For this design, you only need a pink and black nailpolish.
If you have a mat nailpolish you can use it too.

As always, you need to protect your natural nails with a base coat.
After, you paint your nails with the pink nailpolish.
Then, you add the black nailpolish as a french with big dots.
If you want you can use différent colors for the decoration.

And, that's it ! Enjoy ~

2 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous, I love the color combination, and how you all brought it together with the black rim.